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We all love gastronomy. It is a passion for some of us. We all want to have the best food in our plate, made by the best Chef. At Jeannin Global Network, we are here to make this happen.

We help connect French Chefs with restaurants and/or brands. Through our knowledge of the culinary industry and privileged relationships with France’s best Chefs, we are the agency to call to take care of partnerships within the world of French pastry and gastronomy.

Our role is to find the best fit for each restaurant, brand, and Chef while maintaining long lasting and positive relationships between all parties.

At the end, we are just happy when our partners are happy.



Have a Chef fly out to your location for any event: company parties, birthday parties, festivals, conferences. You name it.


Develop a partnership with a Chef. Use his or her knowledge for the opening of a new restaurant or to simply inspire your staff to reach a new level of culinary excellence.


Use one of our Chef’s reputation to boost yours. The hard-working and elegant image of a Chef will earn you respect from the public that will generate long-term revenue.


The quality of your menu is what will help your future restaurant or brand to succeed. Hiring a world-class Chef to make the menu for your opening will ensure success from day one.



Let us know about the goals for your project, then we’ll take care of the rest. An integral part of our process is to conduct extensive research if you are unsure who the best fit is for your business.


Over years of personal and business experiences, we have built an invaluable network of French Chefs who are looking to expand their talents to the U.S.


With our understanding and knowledge of the world of gastronomy, we are able to negotiate the best rates for your business through our history and experience working in the culinary industry.



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